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My Humble Opinions on Love

There can be no doubt about how wanted love is for us all. To love and be loved in return, to share moments of happiness, to have a soul mate who shares not just that moment but your whole life, that’s a dream. Whatever some people might say, however strong the sensations of the sexual act might be, to love and be loved just as much in return seems to be the greatest treasure reached and constantly searched for.

Of course, the emotions of love can be as wild as a bull with attitude, as noisy as angry thunder and as deadly as a rolling avalanche. It can also send you to heaven and make you consider your life complete. The ups and downs of love have been thoroughly documented, punished and rewarded since man first appeared over the horizon.

It’s true that love can be frantic and worrying, but so can life. Those hurt by love, who determine never to be caught out again, soon change their mind when love reappears.

It’s not that love becomes bad, it is an individual and a general sickness of mind that can pervert love, and you might find that a person in that state turns many other things from good to bad as well. Love in itself, given purely and truly, is rightfully rewarded for man and woman.

Who wouldn’t want to share a fire on a cold, windy night with a companion drawn close by mutual love?

From love, a family is created and so love expands and flourishes.

You might think I’m being naive, but I observe that’s what the vast majority of people would like to have. Yes, it can go wrong – divorce, unfaithfulness, betrayal, and so on are the outcome. But the subject of love wasn’t the reason. If honesty and a willingness to resist temptation hold steady, and if the person you love shares the same feelings, desires and purposes in life as you, then love can flower and not wither.

These days something to do with love has worsened and you see the results: divorce, separation and growing promiscuousness. A situation where unhappiness has shot through society’s heart.

Love comes from the soul. Dare I say it provides a spiritual fulfilment. It is definitely not brain cells feeling good about things! We are not meat and flesh, we are better than that, we are what makes life sparkle.

Yet through all this, the fact still remains, as true now as it was thousands of years in the past, true love returned in kind is one of the most desired goals men and women reach for. When they have it, the rewards know no bounds and from that happiness, enjoyment and life springs.

These days temptation is around every corner, at the tip of a remote, mobile, or even advised by “experts”.

I have been married well over thirty years and have four sons. My wife and I have faced together what has turned out to be a rather adventurous life and I can tell you that I still love and treasure my wife and feel very lucky and privileged to say so.

Therefore, what I hope and wish for you is that you have a romantic Valentine’s Day.

Love is not lost, it might be just around the corner.