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Blessed with a Wonderful Family

A couple of years after getting together with my darling Sharon, we got married. This happened the same year that we found Scientology. These two amazing events have meant our lives have never been the same again!

Scientology is a religion, but one based on an organised body of scientific research concerning life. We found it very helpful and have been Scientologists ever since. In fact, from the ages of 21-25 I was staff in our church in London, enjoying the fun and hard work of spreading the word about something that helped me so much.

At the age of twenty-five, Sharon became pregnant with our first son, Victor and it was the beginning of our growing family. She soon showed the usual expanding of the stomach that comes with pregnancy.  Less usual was my own expanding stomach which appeared at the same time – which I still haven’t gotten rid of! Much to both mine and Sharon’s disappointment.

I began experiencing the joys of fatherhood with Victor, who was a self-determined little thing, and in rapid succession we had two more boys Daren and Adam. It wasn’t until many years later that we had our fourth boy, Daniel.

During this time writing rather slowed down as I focused on bringing in the money that our expanding family needed. I began a painting and decorating company called M. J. Kloss, I worked hard and it grew into the successful company it is today.

I think until personally experiencing the joys of parenthood it is hard to imagine. It contains such highs and lows that I find other parts of my life simply might not reach. Being a father adds a whole new dimension to life. The love and responsibility are just so huge. Every decision and event multiply in meaning, with how will it affect my wife, my sons and so on. It is a joy and an obligation I could never have imagined.