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About My Blog

Hello! I thought I should put something here to tell you about my blog. Individually it may not be obvious what the theme is, but don’t worry, there is one!

I am Mark Kloss, author of the Game Hunter trilogy, a young adult action adventure with well-meaning zombies. There will also be more series to come! I’m also a poet, but like to keep that work separate, but if you are interested please check out my poetry website.

When thinking about a blog, I thought about stories I had to tell and how this would tie into my writing. In the end, I decided to tell you all about my life, my personal writing journey, traversing the highs and lows that life has thrown at me and finally getting my writing published.

I hope through my blog that you get to know me and my books.  Hopefully get inspired to read my books and maybe even to follow your own writing dreams.

I am lively, inquisitive, silly and determined, this can make for an interesting mix. If you are relaxed yet adventurous, interested in starting to write yourself or just interested in me or my books I think my blog is for you.

I always endeavor to tie my life experiences into my writing. It doesn’t have to be major breakthrough moments in life, sometimes it can be the normal, the routine that inspires. That is one of the things that makes life eclectic and fascinating.

You can read my weekly blog here on my website and get links to it on my Facebook. Even better though is to subscribe by signing up for my mailing list or following my author page on Amazon or Goodreads. That way you get my blog delivered to your inbox weekly plus any good news, offers and sales!

I look forward to sharing my journey with you.