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The Two Parts of My Writing

There are two parts of my growing writing career (quite besides everything else I’m involved in). One is writing exciting novels (he says hopefully) and the other is my poetry writing, of which I’m honoured to say many readers seem to like. 

The history of Mark Kloss’ writing ran something like this: the odd poem in the wilder years of teenage experience from about 14 years old and rare essays and short stories from 18 years old. More consistent poetry writing didn’t begin until I was around 30 years old, at that time I joined a poetry site and began to write in earnest. I then began writing novels from about the age of 40 and haven’t stopped since, though nothing of my early writing has been published.

Game Hunter was my first full series and was a lot of fun to write. I’m pleased to say it’s sold reasonably well and has a good number of kind reviews. Once done, I returned to my other love – writing poetry. Encouraged by the better than expected sales of the first poetry book: It’s a Funny Thing, Life, I have just completed enough poems to put together another book. This should be released, complete with an illustration of each poem, sometime in the latter part of September!

My basic principle with poetry is that the reader understands and enjoys the words and rhythm without needing an English degree. That they should have a smile on their faces as they read and definitely by the end of the poem. After all, the easier to understand, the better it communicates the raw emotion behind the words. I try to make my poems about real life; enlightening, releasing, uplifting and sometimes educational, but most of all, fun to read!