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The Wonder of Trees

Today’s blog is a bit on the poetic side, about one time I just felt connected to things around me. This moment happened one day, 15 years ago.

I was walking through a golf course created in the middle of the ancient Ashdown forest after yet another unflattering round of golf. For no particular reason I realised a few both intriguing and fundamental things about trees. I would like to share those realisations with you now.

Though it may seem particularly obvious, it came to me that trees are different from rocks, they seem to have some sort of life to them.

They grow from a seed, you might be surprised to know that our bodies do the same. Most of them change their clothes once a year, we do the same only much more frequently. They require other trees to create offspring, just as we require a mate.

Before man came along, they without a doubt looked down upon and ruled most of the land. Trees are a safe harbour for many animals and insects. They lesson the bad weather, hold back the heat of the sun and provide food for those who need it.

But that’s not all. I realised they have a certain awareness of their surroundings. It’s on a different wavelength to us and must reach as far as their many valuable limbs can stretch. Like our own bodies, each tree is slightly different to the next. Maybe they feel our presence, yet not as we see ourselves. Then again no one sees us like we see ourselves.

Trees don’t perceive motion as we do. The hectic motion of man in just one day would probably equal all the motion of a tree throughout its long life, and the frenzied motion of man must seem unnatural to the slow-moving tree.

Like us they have a basic desire to survive, and on their own survival do many others depend. Trees unlike man, replenish and help the environment by surviving, their mere presence aiding life to flourish on Earth.

Next time you are out for a walk, especially in a forest, look closer at the trees as they tower over you while holding the earth firm. Feel their bark, enjoy their smells, presence and the atmosphere they create within their own particular domain.

In the past, maybe even now in some places I know not where, people worshipped and gave thanks to the trees. In that moment I could see why. I felt the life and the majesty that each and every tree contains.

In my writing, especially my poetry, I endeavour to bring different views on life and on people, and this particular moment helped to inspire my poem, simply titled, Trees.

Until the next time, let me wish you happy reading.