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The Value of Purpose – My Job as a Writer

To my valued readers,

Last week was the second anniversary of my eldest son passing away. His loss though still immeasurable is now getting easier to bear, and my writing continues to be a connection to my son as well as a source of solace and distraction.

As long as one has a good solid purpose (or three) in life, any terrible occurence like a loss is infinitely easier to overcome. That is demonstrated in the reverse by how low people can get if they have nothing else to do but feel the overwhelming grief that loss can bring.

With time passing, my wife is now gradually getting back into her old life of helping people, by working for charities and foundations. And I am chasing the writers dream of becoming a fully professional author.

Some people think that writing is a solitary existence, and on the surface they seem to be correct. However, what they might not realise is that the written word creates a world that the writer smells, sees, feels and lives. So no, a writer is never alone as he or she is actually deep within another world. It is almost as if the writer is the god or creator of a new world, and every step of the way experiences, lives and gets feedback from this new world.

As most writers will tell you, it’s best to write about subjects you are familiar with through experience. From nineteen years-old I have lived an interesting life, a life less travelled as they say. The wild, tough and sometimes terrifying adventures that accompany living a full life help me to write fantasy with a fair dose of reality.

I followed two paths simultaneously. The first has always been about earning enough money to be able to live well and take good care of my family, as well as have extra to give to charity. The second was a spiritual journey that has satisfied my soul and allowed me more happiness and fulfilment than material goods could ever provide. It also enables me to have a deeper understanding of life and the people who live it, which of course helps my poetry.

I write whenever I have a minute in a rather busy schedule, and currently I am 50,000 words through my next book. Yes I want many people to enjoy the worlds I build, but I also do it because of the love of writing. In fact, I could no more stop writing than stop breathing – as seems to be the way for many artists.

In the world we share at this time, with all the bad news being circulated and feverishly embellished, then sent out to anyone and everyone on the hour every hour, it’s the artists who furnish the kinder more uplifting aspects of life, and who replace a frown with a smile on many people’s faces. To me that is the purpose I hold, and one I consider never more needed than today.

Good wishes to you until the next time.

Mark Kloss