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My Writing – A Summer Update

To my valued readers,

I hope you all are bearing up through these recent strange days.

Please forgive me not sending you a blog for so long.

My Writing

Like other writers, writing helps the inner part of me to breathe. When I was young, it was the guitar that I couldn’t put down, now it’s the pen. My wife, being a wonderfully active lady, sometimes wonders how I can sit in one place for hours on end, hardly moving as I write. What she never sees is all the action, loves, failures, successes; and the intricate parts of the world I am creating with so much going. Nor can she see how all this is flowing out of my mind, causing me to silently roar with life as my fingers work.

Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but no less true.

Occasionally I wake in the middle of the night with an idea for the current book, or realise a mistake made or even a word wrongly used. It’s the weirdest thing, although I’m pretty sure you’ve more than once woken to remember something out of the blue that you had forgotten to do the day, week or month before.


As well as writing about zombies, you might or might not know that I possess a directly opposite love for writing poetry. In fact, I already have three books of poetry: It’s A Funny Thing, Life, Moon Dreams and This Curious Life. I’m proud to say this past year found me completing the works for the fourth book of poems.

Some of that opposite side found its way into Game Hunter. As well as our main hero being a half-zombie, he’s also a bit of a romantic!

Interest in things brings happiness – as proven by how unhappy one tends to be when having little or no interest. To be able to have many likes adds spice and purpose to life.

Game Hunter

Now we come to my latest piece of work; the rewritten three-book Game Hunter series. It’s a story of zombies clashing with man in a vicious reality TV show, and our brave half-zombies having to sort out the resultant mess. All the dangerous action, heartache, joy and other deepest emotions happen within the dystopian City of London.

After I wrote the whole series, which then enjoyed a pleasing amount of success, I was hit by the unwanted conclusion that I could have written the whole thing a lot better. That thought kept gnawing its way into my head until I could ignore it no longer.

Therefore, almost a year to this day I began to rewrite all three Game Hunter books until I reached the satisfying conclusion of enjoying the deeper, more interesting characters and their stories all the more.

Now, my dear reader, I truly hope that you will find the same thing.