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My Wonderful Wife, Sharon

It’s interesting how life changes. After a tough year, I turned 19 and things began to get a lot better. That was mostly because of the beginning of a life-changing relationship with my future wife, Sharon. It started from a negative situation. But is a great example that good can come from anywhere.

Sharon is actually my cousin, so I had known her throughout my life. As she was two years younger I used to spend my time with the three cousins closer to my age.

It wasn’t until my father died and I saw Sharon walk into the room where we were in mourning that I realized, this young girl at seventeen had bloomed into a fully developed babe! It wasn’t the most appropriate moment to realise, but hey, that’s what happened!

She came to my parent’s house a few times to comfort my mum and there we spoke and got along well. One day I decided to invite her over to the place I had recently moved into with several friends. I began excited and looking forward to her visit, but as time ticked by I ended up angry that she was so late.

She was so late that when she finally arrived, like an upset child, I was about to tell her to forget it. I was just to annoyed to even be happy she had arrived. However, I discovered that I’d stupidly given her the wrong address! I couldn’t believe I had almost blown it on something so simple. Luckily it all worked out OK, because, as it turned out, that was the night our relationship began.

A couple of years later we got married and now forty years on I find her just as much a babe as I did then, and I am just as happy and in love with this wonderful woman as I was that year it all began.