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My Life – Helping Others

Hello all, today I would like to say a few words on the subject of ‘help’.

To my surprise I discovered fairly early in life that helping others is more gratifying than helping yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not into self-sacrifice. In fact far from it, I have a nice house, car, family and general lifestyle.

However, when I do manage to help another, the pride, the feeling of having just done something worthwhile with my life, and the high I get from having done so, goes deeper than the satisfaction from buying a car or making a good chunk of money.

It just works that way. I’ve seen people go to pieces once they arrived at the conclusion that they are no longer needed in life. The same thing happens if they feel they are of no use to anyone.

It seems like the action and desire to help is an extremely strong impulse. I feel strongly that it is the most saintly urge we have. From my limited experience I have noted how people who help freely are usually nice people to know, while people who are careless and uncaring of others and only strive to do good for themselves, are not nearly as nice or pleasant to be associated with.    

I have travelled to Mongolia, Zimbabwe and The Gambia to introduce teachers to a better study technology, only to help them and their students. I spent eight years helping people do better in life through a local life improvement centre and I have donated many thousands to a charity that also helps the less fortunate. Those actions have definitely made me a better person, and each time it allows me a growing feeling of pride in myself. I guess the opposite would be just as true.

In the heart of the night when I was travelling back to base in a roofless truck under the magnificent African sky with my fellow adventurers after we had completed our project to help the teachers, I and my comrades felt wonderful and higher than all those millions of stars that looked down at us.

Many have tried to help and failed, only because they didn’t have the right tools or knowledge. Failed help is a horrible feeling, but it doesn’t mean you didn’t try or shouldn’t try again once better informed. It is sometimes hard to pick oneself up again, but it is always worth the effort.

Helping a person, animal or even our planet is the only chance we have individually and as a race. This world is filled with misery and suffering, and everyone could use a little help, including you and I. Sometimes a little help, goes a long way to making the world a better place.

Knowing you have been of real help is the best feeling in the world!

You’ll see many examples of this in my adventure books, and you always will. I always aim to uplift or inspire with my works and I do hope I achieve that.

Till the next time, I wish you well.