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My First Love

I thought I would continue with my story about growing up and getting into writing.

My dissatisfied and frustrated life changed once I got my first guitar at the age of 13. I fell in love with the second-hand acoustic instrument from the off. Whereas others were learning the hits, I was most interested in writing my own songs. It quickly became a new outlet for my imagination.

In some ways I can relate to Tremayne, in Game Hunter, a bored kid stifled by little purpose in life. Thankfully unlike poor Tremayne, my life didn’t change from ordinary school boy to living as a zombie within the ruined City of London. Far from it, the receipt of this guitar opened up a whole new outlet for me to create better things ahead and enabled me to dream of an exciting future.

I remember going up the wall in my bedroom while trying to get my fingers around the fret as I struggled to learn the cords. With a lot of practice, dedication and hours of frustration between me and my guitar I eventually got there, but I could still only play when alone.

Playing in front of others always got me very nervous. I really wanted to play my songs to people, but on the other hand I would be dying from nerves. So I came up with some silly solutions, like having the room totally dark. Or sometimes having whoever was listening be on the other side of the door.

Eventually I was able to play a simple tune. Then once I had received a bucketful of validation I was able to free up a little more and eventually began to play more openly.

In some ways, this internal pressure to write, but anxiety of the audience’s reaction is evident in my early writing. I would constantly re-write, without ever getting anything out to the public.

At that time, I didn’t have a dream of writing books, but rather I wanted to be a songwriter. Although it may have changed a little over the years the purpose is still the same. To use my imagination to create nice emotional effects through words.

I hope many of you are already enjoying Game Hunter!