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My Body and Me

In this blog there is a particular thing I’ve observed in my life. It came to my mind recently as I have been studying about life. Here I dare to share it with you.

It is fascinating to see how, as my body and I get older, we seem to be more and more going our separate ways in purpose and desires. It might seem strange for you to read how I regard myself and my body as two different things, but you know what – we are! 

I am in my early sixties, yet full of beans and feeling the same as I did as a teenager (as I’m sure you sometimes do too).  I have a lot of life to live and many plans to carry out – not least the writing of my adventure novels 

On the other hand, my body is doing what all bodies do: having been born from a seed, it grew strongly, held onto its energy levels, but now all too soon it is using the last quarter of its life to gradually wear out and finally stop working. Yet, I am not ready to stop working yet, I still have life and energy!

I feel in the early years of life we are closest to our bodies, both full of life. As the years pass though, it is the body that is losing life, not me. From a young age to the very old our thoughts, although constantly changing do not age. This is interesting, because they do change, as our views and priorities do, but they don’t age or deteriorate.

So what do we do once our body calls it a day? I believe we live on… and really do find the whole subject very interesting.

So there you have it, that’s my two cents on the subject. Remember you are always welcome to write me on markklosswriter@outlook.com