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My Adventure with Game Hunter

This blog is to all my friends who have helped me complete Game Hunter, a series through which I have learnt a lot about writing and enjoyed so much along the way. The title of the final book is We Zombies”.

I started the Game Hunter adventure about six years ago. My initial intention was mistakenly to make it a three-book rip-roaring adventure, high on action, low on character and world-building. However, my knowledge and attitude were as green as a summer leaf.

Fortunately, I had valuable help and excellent writing education from my son, Victor, who was in the middle of writing his six-book series that became an impressive bestseller across the world, called “The Royal Institute of Magic”.

It has often been said by many successful writers that the best way to learn how to write is just to write and write. And, read and read. That happens to be true. I would add that you also have to be willing to show your work to as many friends, and other writers (especially successful writers in your genre), maybe even editors, and get their feedback – good or bad.

Another resource I found most useful and can definitely recommend is “Writers of the Future”, this very successful site has a free workshop, writing contests with professional judges and podcast.

For a writer, to write is to breathe. Creating a life straight out of their own imagination, and hopefully touching those who share his or her world expressed through the written word.

As I learnt and re-wrote so the storyline and characters, including the City of London itself, changed and grew stronger and more real in my mind. I spent many hours typing away, engrossed in my own story, quite often not knowing where it would lead me. Those times occasionally brought on the deepest joy.

I was determined to learn the art and skill of a wordsmith. It was hard work. Of course, I really enjoyed the many gratifying comments from enthusiastic readers. However, as I made a lot of mistakes along the way, I made sure to pick myself up, dust myself down, and learn from those more experienced than me.

Just like life, you need to be determined to learn from your mistakes. If you blame others, treat things as simply fate or apathetically accept it as your lot in life, you’ll just go on making the same mistakes until your turn finally comes to leave this world.

I’ll miss Tremayne and Red, as well as Mr Saddler and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Now comes the time to embark upon another adventure called “Dragon Mail”. There will be brave and I hope endearing, as well as mad, bad and crazy characters. The world will be colourful, yet dangerous. The pace will be fast and spiced with humour and mystery. It will take me a while to write.

Thank you so very much for all your help and appreciation. Finally, I ask you to stick with me until I’m ready to release the first book of Dragon Mail.

Until then, I wish you all many productive and happy days ahead.