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Make Your Life! Don’t Let Life Make You

Hi all,

The more things you can be, the more life is interesting and fun (that is if you’re not being something rather bad). I am several things in life, to name just four; a poet, a writer of adventure books, a husband and a father. For me this crazy mixture of thing is what brings excitement to my life, and never leaves a dull moment.  

Of course, there are many things involved with these different parts of my life, and as a result I receive many different things in return. There is the love, help and companionship I give and get back from being a husband. There is the joy, laughs and adventure from being a father. And there is the deep satisfaction I receive from people reading my poetry and adventure books.

Let’s face it, life can be both wonderful or terrible, easy or impossible, uplifting or despairing; and a thousand other things! Of course, we are the main characters in our own films, though it doesn’t always feel like it, we also make most of the drama! So it is always better to create fun, excitement and happiness than stress, worry and despair.

Here in the backwater of Florida it continues to be very hot and humid. Just yesterday we experienced a mighty thunderstorm. It happened to be right above us, and we heard what sounded like lightning burning the very air, before the loudest thundering boom I’ve ever heard reverberated through the air. It was both frightening and exciting.

I’m now working on a new series and having a lot of fun with it. The title is “HINTERCARN”. It is a mix of fantasy, aliens, humour and our very own teenage heroes. Unfortunately, it’s got a way to go, but I will keep you informed.

Remember, it sometimes takes real work to have a nice time. Life is there to be made; don’t let it start making you!