Universal Games

Download: Book One of the Universal Games series – Coming Summer 2018

Even the good want them dead…

Kevin and John are your everyday teenagers until a signal from outer space sucks them into a virtual reality gaming-world, played by thousands of distant aliens.

The main problem is their characters are stuck in Death Mode, meaning if they die in the game, they are dead back on Earth too. Why they are there, and how to get back are beyond their knowledge – that they are being hunted is not.

At least the game world is full of magic, dragons and swordplay similar to what they know as Earth Fantasy.

All the boys can rely on is Kevin’s wits, John’s computer skills, a large amount of courage and larger amount of luck. They can trust no one except a friend from home who has cracked a code enabling him to illegally increase their playing skills.

As it turns out there is much more than just their lives at stake…