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I love the strength you possess

With strands of woven silk.

The joy you feed your children

Like warm mother’s milk.


I love the caring you show

For causes large and small.

And how you can recover

From the severest fall.


I love how you feel and live

For man both known or not,

Spending the week working

To help improve their lot.


I love that tenacious spirit

Through the severest of flak.

You just keep right on going

When many would turn back.


I love the way your eyes shine

When looking into mine,

How you get yourself ready

Amuses me every time.


I love our beat and rhyme

With most everything we do

And if by chance I falter

I know you’ll pull me through.


I love each time you move me

These many years and more

That laugh, cry, yelp and shout,

Such things in you I adore.


I love how you fight the fight

Yet still have time for play,

Precious times spent together

Never to be swept away.