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No integrity left unsold

Or glory to behold,


No leader to bring joy

Or work to employ,


No love without hurt

Or political dirt,


No newspaper with truth

Or innocent youth,


No peace without war

Or logic in law,


No do or die

Or courage to try,


No respect for the old

Or help for the cold,


No personally sacrifice

Or effective advice,


No lack of leader stupidity

Or national tranquillity,


No slowing the dwindling spiral

Or forgiving one’s rival,


No heat without fission

Or far-sighted vision,


No end to jury and fate

Or crime and hate,


No succour from family love

Or guidance from above,


No time for brother sun

Or all that’s fun,


No sigh from a lover’s breath

Or news without death,

No comforting mother’s hugs

Or life without drugs,


No hope where lies prevail

Or victory when heroes fail,


No wisdom from old lessons

Or end to a recession


No future life conceived

If in our ignorance we are deceived.