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Close To Me

To see a dolphin leap,

Smell flowers in full bloom;

Or enjoy the jewels of night,

And sacred face of the moon.


To watch the dying rays,

Of winter’s sinking sun;

Or hear some waking bird,

Sing and dance just for fun.


To shout with sudden delight,

As a ball ripples the net;

Or pocket the welcome return,

From a chancy weekend bet.


To experience first love,

Under a milky blue sky;

Or catching the first moment,

A baby looks in your eye.


To fill the quiet hour,

With a book, film or play;

Or party with dearest friends,

Till dawn the following day.


To witness release of a man,

And that family’s open joy;

Or see the smile of a child,

Playing his favourite toy.


To look from the edge of cliff,

At the angry wind-tossed sea;

Or notice star-burst streaking,

Across life’s dark mystery.


To feel warmth of hope renewed,

Through a morning cup of tea;

And the inner satisfaction,

Of having you close to me.